An Effort to Reorganize My Github Repositories

This actually a note to myself (and may be some of you who experience the same) to keep up the effort to maintain my Github repository better.


I have a thought that my Github repository is not how it is supposed to be and I think I need to do some action for that. However, I need to know the root cause and see what I can do about that because I think it's also related to my habits.

Let's dig deeper into the current situation of my current Github account. First, this is my second Github account. I decided to retire the first one because it was too messy and started the second one from scratch with hopes it wouldn't be experiencing the same as the first one.

Guess what! It happened again. Okay, let me explain the situation of my current Github account, the what (the thing I see in my Github) we'll analyze, and then the why (a self-diagnosis of why it happened) and then the how (a thought on how to fix that).


Here is what I found in my Github account:

  • All private, no public repositories.

  • No mature code, only unmaintained early-stage codes

  • Same idea in multiple repositories

Let's think that those are signs of something or effects of some behaviour or even further mentality of the owner.

Before going further, let's dig deeper into each fact. After a while of trying to be honest with myself, here are the findings of my behaviour:

  • Why are the repositories all private?

    Well, I always think that code that is published on Github should be mature, professional and in the best of its form. I feel a little bit unconfident about my code.

  • Why is there no mature code, only unmaintained early-stage codes?
    I think I was really quick to get bored with the approach, topic or the idea itself. Or it might be too long before it reaches the excitement and the passion has just gone.

  • Same idea in multiple repositories?

    I have a habit of doing in multiple ways to achieve a single objective if it's possible. Doing them in parallel and picking the most elegant one.

Problem Statement

  • Setting the bar too high.

  • There was no milestone setup, current work is always compared with the expected final state.

  • There was no focus or strategy for achieving the target.

Solution Proposal

Actually, this is not the final solution, except it's already been done for some time and the result is as expected. However, I need to write this and propose this to myself as the fix for my habit problem.

So let me propose it to myself and see if it needs some revision or adjustment in the future.

  • First, let me confess: Stop being proud and prejudiced. We (me and myself) are just learners, and will always be. Even Mozart had his simple composition at the time. Nobody will laugh at our work, and we also have never done that, right? Let's confess, that we learn from somebody else who kindheartedly shares their knowledge, and is never prejudiced against anyone else.

  • Set milestones that can be achieved in a relatively short time and visible improvements. When I have the knowledge in terms of theory and methodology, I think I need to write something about this.

  • If there are some options to the approach of achieving the target, pick only one with the SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant & time-bound) consideration.

Action Plan

I think this part should be a living part of the document which contains some actionable that I can add from time to time and can close when I think it's enough.

  1. Publishing a repository of mine, excvtor; a repository of a simple python script to generate TeX and PDF resume from JSON formatted resume and a style/layout template.

  2. TODO